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At OTO we're on a mission to help people discover the power of CBD.
We design thoughtful and effective products that easily and enjoyably fit into your daily routines.
Our products help you FIND YOUR SPACE in this busy world.

The Power Of CBD

CBD can help with stress, anxiety, sleep, pain and general mood - if used at the right dosage. Each of our products comes with our OTOSTRENGTH guarantee ensuring optimum and effective levels of CBD.

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  1. Balance CBD shot -pack of 12 50mg CBD each shot
    Balance CBD Shot - Pack of 12

    A calming boost of CBD, promoting relaxation and balance throughout the day and into the night.

  2. OTO CBD Bitters
    OTO CBD Bitters

    Amplify tonics, juices and cocktails with OTO optimum-strength CBD bitters.

  3. OTO Discovert Pack - 20% CBD Roll On Oils
    Roll-on Discovery Pack

    Three effective CBD oil blends to help you focus, amplify shared moments and bring balance back.

  4. OTO Pillow Mist 30% CBD
    30% CBD Pillow Mist

    Harness the power of CBD for a peaceful night's slumber.



83 %

of participants said that daily use of OTO has helped them control their worrying.

85 %

of people who regularly have trouble relaxing felt using OTO had a positive effect.

92 %

of participants found an improvement in mood, energy and relationships.

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