CBD Drinks
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Say Hello to Our Range of CBD-Infused Drinks 

From CBD boosters to make any drink more luxurious and calming, to botanical seltzers in a host of delicious flavours to amplify your day, our range of CBD-infused drinks are the perfect way to unwind. 

What Do CBD-Infused Drinks Do?

Alcohol-free and fresh in flavour, our CBD-infused drinks add a moment of calm to your day. Whether you want to relax, centre yourself, or connect to the present, we have a drink to suit your mood. Infused with carefully chosen botanical ingredients to complement the properties of the CBD, each drink is flavourful and balanced to enhance your day and help you achieve calm. 

Explore Our Range of CBD Drinks

Created to bring out the rich flavour of cocktails, tonic, juices and more, our CBD Cocktail Bitters adds a citrus note to your beverages to enhance the flavour as well as support your wellbeing.

For calm and refreshing in equal measure, the OTO CBD Botanical Seltzer cocktails come in three delicious flavours and are enriched with 25mg of CBD. Choose from Green Tea & Garden Mint, Blood Orange & Chilli, and Elderflower & Juniper, which can be drunk alone or added to other drinks.