Is It Legal To Drive After Taking CBD Oil In The UK?

CBD continues to grow in popularity, and many people are taking it for the calming, soothing effects it can offer.

One topic that arises often is whether you can drive in the UK when you’ve consumed CBD oil. With driving under the influence such a contentious topic, since changes to the law back in 2015, it’s important to know the rules. 

Is it legal to drive after consuming CBD oil?

As CBD isolate is legal in the UK, it’s fine to take CBD oil before driving. It doesn’t produce the same effects as alcohol or other cannabis-based drugs which contain THC, so you can take it with confidence and drive safely afterwards.

But will I drive safely?

From helping you to sleep more soundly to allowing you to feel more present and focused in the moment, CBD has an array of wonderful uses.

When it comes to driving, CBD can support people to be better drivers thanks to enhancing their focus and keeping them calm under stressful circumstances.

It’s not just driving for which CBD is considered safe: the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which regulates the use of drugs in sport, has put CBD on its list of products that are entirely safe to use. This applies even during major competitions such as the Olympic Games.

You can consume CBD isolate safely in the knowledge that it’s legal for you to drive afterwards, but as with any new substance, make sure you know how it affects you personally before driving.

Why is there confusion around CBD?

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, the same plant which produces THC – the compound which produces the high we associate with cannabis. With this in mind, it’s understandable why so many people are confused over whether including CBD in their lifestyle will generate the same effects. 

It’s important to know that CBD is a legal substance in the UK provided the product contains zero THC. If you purchase your CBD oil from a regulated supplier such as OTO, you can be confident that the product will not produce any hallucinogenic effects. We only use CBD isolate in our products.