What You Should Know About CBD & Pregnancy

Throughout your pregnancy, you’re likely to experience a range of symptoms, from back ache and morning sickness to tiredness or difficulty sleeping. It’s common for women to experience these side effects of pregnancy, and you might be tempted to use CBD to combat these symptoms.

Can I take CBD to combat pregnancy symptoms?

While CBD doesn’t get you high, it isn’t recommended that you use it while you’re pregnant. This is purely because it hasn’t been tested extensively enough, meaning there’s no solid evidence to confirm how your body (and baby) might react.

What if I’ve used it before realising I was pregnant?

If you’re someone who regularly uses CBD in your normal routine and have used it before realising you were pregnant, don’t panic. You are probably fine and your baby healthy, but it’s worth mentioning it to your doctor just as a precaution so they can monitor you and your baby’s health to ensure that no issues develop. 

Little is known about the impact CBD can have on pregnancy and a developing baby, so experts have to rely on the knowledge they have of THC, since it is the closest compound. If you discover that you are pregnant, stop using CBD immediately and consult your GP for advice. 

To summarise

CBD offers so much potential for a range of conditions and symptoms, but for pregnancy, it isn’t recommended that you use it to combat the likes of tiredness or nausea. If you’re struggling with your pregnancy symptoms, the best course of action is to contact your GP and seek their advice for alternative ways of relieving discomfort and tiredness.