Meditations & Soundbaths

  1. Quick CBD Breathing Exercise with Sarah Hockley

    Quick CBD Breathing Exercise with Sarah Hockley

    A quick CBD breathwork exercise you can perform any time, anywhere to restore your balance.

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  2. Yoga Nidra Tutorial For Deep Relaxation Before Bed

    Yoga Nidra for deep sleep

    Get ready for the best night's sleep of your life.

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  3. A Journey to Self Love

    A journey to self love

    Treat yourself with this self-love meitation

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  4. Lets Talk About Sound and Brainwaves by OTO Sound Therapist Michelle Cade

    OTO oundbath
    Sound Therapist Michelle Cade tells us how binaural beats can change our state of mind.
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  5. The Powerful Combination of Sound and CBD

    CBD and Sound
    Sound Therapist Michelle Wade tells us about of the powerful combination of sound and CBD
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