CBD & Travelling: Can You Take CBD Oil On A Plane?

You’ve discovered the life-changing benefits of CBD oil and now you can’t imagine going on a holiday or business trip without it, but how will customs feel about that? The answer is both better and more complicated than you’re probably picturing. Read on to learn whether you can take CBD on a plane.

Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane in the UK?

You can get on a plane in the UK with CBD oil because it is classed as a ‘legal food supplement’. You should determine that your CBD oil meets guidelines though. It must be THC-free.

What About Other Destinations?

Travelling with CBD oil in the UK is fine, as it is legal to use CBD products with zero THC. But, what about other countries?

EU: It is safe to travel with CBD oil to most, but not all, countries in the EU. In some countries, it is only allowed for medical reasons with a prescription.

US: In the US, different states have different rules about CBD oil. CBD is still illegal in food or oil products at the federal level in the US, which means you should not travel across state lines with CBD products. Many countries do not allow it at all.

Other Countries: Asian, African, and Middle Eastern countries are usually the most strict, but you should never generalise.

No matter where you travel, you will need to carefully check the laws to make sure that CBD oil is allowed and if there are conditions to be mindful of. Travelling with CBD to a forbidden country can get you in a lot of trouble, so don’t take any risks!

Changeover Flights

Unfortunately, if you have a changeover into another country, you will need to know about their laws too. Yes, you may only be in their country for a very short period of time, but that doesn’t matter. You are still under their jurisdiction.

How to Bring CBD Oil on a Plane

The following only applies if you can legally take CBD into your destination country.

As with all other types of liquids, you will still be subject to other customs considerations like liquid size, packaging, and where to pack to your CBD.

Carry-On Luggage

You can bring your CBD in your carry-on luggage.

In the UK, you can only bring 100ml of liquid with you (unless it’s a prescribed medicine or you have a doctor’s note). If your bottle contains more liquid than that, you may want to purchase a smaller bottle. The smaller the bottle, the less likely it is that customs will even ask you what it is.

Pay Attention To Labels

Make things easier on yourself by checking the label. Does the label clearly state what this product is, how much THC is in it, and whether it is considered a food supplement? The more the product looks like it is okay, the more likely customs will be to move you through without issue.

CBD oil products made in the UK are more likely to be legal and have clear labelling for UK laws.

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