What Happens When You Stop Taking CBD Oil?

Much like anything else that you incorporate into your daily routine, it’s only normal to worry about what will happen when you stop taking CBD.

We’re here to separate myths from the truth, establishing exactly how CBD interacts with the body and what happens when you remove it from your routine.

Can You Become Addicted to CBD?

No - CBD is not addictive. It has no psychotropic effects, meaning it does not lead to dependence.

Can You Experience Withdrawal From CBD?

Whilst you will stop experiencing the positive effects CBD has on your mind and body, you will not experience withdrawal symptoms.

As the effects of CBD are so gentle in the first place, any changes will be completely tolerable and nothing to worry about.

Main Takeaways

If you’ve run out of your CBD product and can’t get more right away or if you don’t want to use it anymore and choose to stop cold turkey, you will be fine. CBD is not addictive and therefore does not cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it.

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